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Thorsmörk Volcano Hike

Join us for a great hike to Fimmvödruhals volcano. We pick you up at your accommodation in Reykjavik and take you out of the city. We drive in an easterly direction before we head inland. We will have a short break at the small town of Hvollsvollur and Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The valley of Thorsmok greets us with its birch bushes and rugged sandstone mountains. We start our hike at Básar cabin and make our way all the way up yo the new volcanos, Magni and Modi, formed in the eruption of 2010.

Glacier Kayak Adventure

Kayaking on a glacier lagoon is a great opportunity you should seize while in Iceland. The lagoon was formed because the retreat off  Heinabergsjökull, on of Vatnajökull outlet glaciers, and has proofed to be a great location for kayaking amongst the icebergs. The majestic nature welcomes paddlers into its serenity and sometimes you feel you have become a part of the scenery.  From the lagoon, you have an excellent view over Vatnajökull and on the tour we do set foot on the glacier as well - of course safely equipped with the appropriate glacier gear.  

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