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We, at Glacier Guides, offer several trips on our website although we are most known for our glacier hikes and walks in Skaftafell. Originally, we started our exploration on Vatnajokull Glacier and have had a booking house in Skaftafell for years. Our operations have now spread to Solheimajokull Glacier which is located more west than Skaftafell.

Check out our Glacier hiking tours in Skaftafell: - Ultimate Icescape - Glacier Wonders - Glacier Explorer

Check out our Ice Cave tours in Skaftafell: - Into the Glacier - Ice Caving Exploration and Glacier Hike - Crystal Ice Cave

Check out our Glacier hiking tours on Sólheimajokull Glacier: - Blue Ice - Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing - Glacier Experience - Glacier Experience from Reykjavik

We also have several multiday tours including transportation from Reykjavik and accommodation in the Skaftafell area. We recommend one of the tours including glacier hiking and/or ice caving: - Multiday Tours