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Glacier Experience - AA-GE-RVK

Glacier Hike on Solheimajokull Glacier in South Iceland

Ever wanted to step foot on a glacier? This tour is available all year round directly from Reykjavik and includes a short glacier hiking tour on the stunning, ever-changing glacier tongue of Myrdalsjokull glacier, Solheimajokull glacier.

Duration: Approx. 9 hours

Pick-up: From Reykjavik

Group maximum: 1:15

Available: All year

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:

  • Pick up in Reykjavik
  • Guided glacier hike
  • Solheimajokull Glacier
  • Outlet glacier of Myrdalsjokull
  • Certified Glacier Guide
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (on the version with Reykjavik pickup)
  • Skógafoss Waterfall (on the version with Reykjavik pickup)
  • South Coast of Iceland (on the version with Reykjavik pickup)

Please note:

Included: On the meet on location version: English speaking glacier guide, Use of a helmet, crampons, ice axe, and any other necessary safety equipment.

With pickup from Reykjavík: Pick up and drop off in Reykjavik a previously selected location, visit Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, and Reynisfjara, easy glacier hike with a certified glacier guide and all necessary glacier equipment.

Bring with you: Warm clothing, waterproof outer layers and good hiking boots with ankle support. Food and drinks are not provided on this tour so please bring a packed lunch or buy one at the stop along the way. See the full equipment list below.

13 491 per adult

Children (10-15 years): 9 106 ISK



Worried that your travel plans might change? Book your tour more than 21 days in advance with a 10% deposit & pay the rest 14 days before departure. Alternatively, you can pay full price and get a 5% early bird discount! Choose the deposit or full payment option in the third step of your checkout.

You have chosen: Meet on location at Solheimajokull

You have chosen: With Reykjavik Pick-up

Note: This tour is operated by Arctic Adventures and Glacier Guides. We provide guests with crampons for walking on the ice, helmets and ice axes. Waterproof clothing and hiking boots are available for rent.

Tour Description

A glacier hike is a very special and unique adventure, as glaciers retreat worldwide, there is a sense of being in a very precious place. With the rapid rate of climate change who knows whether our grandchildren or even our children, will be able to enjoy this?

Beautiful glacier hiking tour Iceland

A beautiful Solheimajokull glacier Iceland

Solheimajokull Glacier Hike

First of all, your qualified glacier guide will introduce you to the equipment and give you all the safety tips you need before you set off on a short walk to the glacier. Then you'll start walking towards the glacier.

The valley you walk through was filled by the glacier just a few years ago, your guide will show you how the glacier is retreating at an alarming rate, so fast it is almost disappearing before our eyes. As you walk across the coal-black volcanic sands you will soon see the grand frozen vistas of Sólheimajökull glacier opening out before you.

At the edge of the ice you fasten your crampons and your guide will lead you onto the ice to explore this otherworldly natural wonderland. There is so much to learn about this constantly evolving but an ancient hub of frozen water. If you want to hold ancient ice in your arms, here is your opportunity!

You will see how primal forces have shaped and continue to sculpt the glacier, creating mesmerizing labyrinths of ice ridges and steep networks of crevasses that trace their way through the ice. There are huge sink-holes, known as "moulins", which can descend all the way through the glacier, allowing the meltwater to drain onto the black sand beneath its enormous weight.

You will see the marks which have been left on the glacier by great the volcanic eruptions of the not so distant past. Ash from the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull found its way onto this glacier. You'll explore the magically rugged terrain, observe its amazing features and can even dring from the water, it's completely safe!

You'll spend about 1-1.5 hours spent on the glacier before heading back to the base camp.

Meet on location Information

If you select the Meet on Location option, you'll show up at Sólheimajökull Parking Lot 15 minutes before the advertised departure time (see in the booking widget). GPS: 63.530431, -19.370416

Sólheimajökull glacier is located about 28 km west of Vik and about 6 km east of Skógar. From Reykjavík, it's about 160 km and the driving time is about 2,5 hours (without stopping). After about 2h 10 minutes drive, you'll turn left to take road 221 to the base. Please note that weather and road conditions can affect the driving duration so please allow for extra time in winter conditions.

For those choosing the tour with transfer from and to Reykjavik

If you purchase the tour with Reykjavík transfer, your adventure starts as you are picked up in the capital city at your selected location. Your journey will take you along the picturesque south coast of Iceland. On our way to the glacier and back to Reykjavík, we will stop at some of Iceland's most beautiful natural attractions. The whole tour with transportation included takes about 11-12 hours. The hiking part of the tour is about 2 hours with 1-1.5 hours spent on the glacier.

Skógafossand Seljalandsfoss waterfalls

Both cascades are iconic Icelandic waterfalls. They can be seen on postcards and viral Instagram pictures, they have become the country's most visited tourist destinations. Seljalandsfoss is known as the waterfall you can walk behind and believe us when we say that it's truly stunning the whole way around! Having its origins in Eyjafjallajokull volcano glacier, the 60-meter (197 ft) high Seljalandsfoss is will freshen up your face with a glacier drizzle!

Skogafoss is equally stunning and even more powerful than Seljalandsfoss. It is the same as high as Seljalandsfoss, but the cascade is much wider, about 25 meters (82 ft). You cannot walk behind this one, but you can walk up to its top to admire the landscape from there. The climb is truly worth it!

Reynisfjara Volcanic Beach

Reynisfjara Beach is one of the most well-known black sanded beaches in the whole world. This is a place of wild and dramatic beauty where the roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean power ashore with tremendous force. Reynisfjara has been repeatedly appearing on the top lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is very easy to see why it was chosen!

Icelandic glacier exploring tour

Exploring Icelandic glaciers with a camera

Glacier Equipment List:

The recommended equipment list for Glacier Experience:

  • Waterproof jacket and pants (We do have rental clothing available in the booking process)
  • Hiking boots (Available for rent, 1000 isk. We advise against runners or any type of shoe that comes up below the ankle bone as the straps on the crampons can get a bit painful during the walk)
  • Light sweater, wool or fleece
  • Light synthetic or quick dry pants (Try and stay clear of jeans on the longer trips as they get wet & cold quick and dry slow)
  • Thin Gloves
  • Hat
  • Small Backpack (Can be handy to carry camera, rain gear and all extras)
  • Sunglasses and sun protection (It can get quite bright on the ice with the reflection)
  • Food and drinks (Lunch is not provided on any of our trips. June - September there is plenty of fresh water on the glacier so bring a bottle)
  • Camera (If you forget everything else don´t forget that)
Skogafoss waterfall

Skogafoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Reynisfjara black sand beach

Reynisfjara black sand beach

Disclaimer: This tour is operated by Arctic Adventures and Glacier Guides. All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. We do not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.

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